Meanwhile in Northern Germany

Today, Julian Oxford’s work in North Germany gets the spotlight, many of our developers are developing various areas of Germany, thanks for that, you will get a whole new version of Berlin, new forest roads, new highways and a couple of new cities that will be shown very soon, but today we take a look at the extension of A20 that is under development, and Bergen Auf Rugen

The Island of Rügen is home to the ferry port of Neu Murkan which has ferry connections to Ystad, Trelleborg and Ronne, which help saving up to 2 hours on some routes, you can stop at Bergen Auf Rugen for a rest as well, or do so in the ferry itself, which is made out of a custom prefab, as a part of the map to be as accurate as it can.

Here you can see some WiP screenshots of interchanges that will greet your way as you drive on the A20 from Rostock, where it has ended in-game, to the direction of Poland, as you will see in the pictures below, we are talking about an awesome road, which saves you some time, because you would not need to turn to Rostock and drive the nearby rural road to the said location anymore

As promised, the extension of A20 will offer you some breathtaking views

As you travel towards Bergen Auf Rugen, you will pass near this lovely location

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