Revisiting Lille

Revisiting Lille was an already on going work by our mapper ArikTheBuilder, however when SCS has released update 1.38, they have introduced their vision to improving the city which I (Arik) view as nice, however, there were still some in-accuracies that were had to be changed, in order to have it done fast and not to spread time on it, already into the second day of the beta I have began implementing most of my changes, which I believe that you will find as nice, in order to avoid confusions, I have attached to this blog post a couple of nice infographics that compare what I have done versus the older status of the same location, in 1.38

As you can see, SCS has done pretty well, my changes focus on using better assets, newer cranes for example, new signs that our modeler Feliweigi does which I will show soon with ton of more signs in a dedicated blog post, the roads around Lille use their own highway signs that differ from preset in game models, so I will get proper ones, this will be noticed around Paris too, moreover you can see that one of the roads has got a scenery overhaul with the placement of new skyscrapers just next to it, which SCS have put far away, in additions to those refreshments on existing areas, Southern of the city I began a little, to add a new region for the city, which will be shown soon as well.

As a bonus, I leave a picture showing the front of Bagnolet, before and after

The place will be complemented with new signs as well, the Les Mercuriales skyscraper complex will get the signs that the top of the skyscrapers have, tour Eastview will get the “Orange” signs at the summit of it, and the bus station will get the signs that are displayed upon it such as Bel Est and Auchan, the same thing will happen to 2 Ibis Budget hotels that are present in Bagnolet, a drive through video that will be released soon will let you see more of the changes

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