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Back To France

Hey it’s Arik again. In the map mod I develop Denmark, Belgium, France and small side additions, which means that everytime I focus somewhere else, but today we are back to France! In the upcoming version, a couple of interchanges and maybe a small surprise will come, let’s take a look at some pictures! ThatContinue reading “Back To France”

Join Our Journey

Our team keeps growing, as we continue to expand our map project we look for mappers, beta testers and blender models to join our team and develop with us the map project! Think you got what it takes? Mappers and modelers – Send an email to with some photos of your work and weContinue reading “Join Our Journey”

A Bad Start

Yesterday at August 15 we have released our map, with a lot of work spent into the map and efforts, we were happy by the huge amount of downloads and tremendous feedback. However, after a conversation with the mappers from the Promods team, it has been revealed that one of our mappers, TheNightgames, has stolenContinue reading “A Bad Start”

Bremen state

Welcome to the state of Bremen! The Federal State of Bremen consists of the Hanseatic Cities of Bremen And Bremerhaven! BremerhavenBremerhaven in the north is an important port city, which was once the most important port for fishing vessels and had the largest fishing port in Europe. Today, the import and export of goods in containers is oneContinue reading “Bremen state”

EuRoadNet is Releasing!

Today it’s the time to announce that our first version, version 1.0 will be released in the 15th of August! The upcoming release will include extensive additions in Germany, France, Belgium, Italia, Czechia, Austria,Denmark and more! Throughout the time until the release we will greet you with new blog posts of the upcoming areas andContinue reading “EuRoadNet is Releasing!”

Revisiting Belgium

I am in charge of mapping France and Denmark, lately I have been working around Belgium, so I have decided to jump to say “hi”, in today’s blog we will take a look at some of the work of the last days The new E19/E42 interchange, due to scalling, the Northern part of the E42Continue reading “Revisiting Belgium”

Meanwhile In France

Today It’s time to take a look at my very recent work, after I finished to do some improvements to Lille, I have moved to rework an interchange that SCS has made back in 2016, with a new accurate and a better version, I will also show today the new border checkpoint between France toContinue reading “Meanwhile In France”


Today it’s time to take a look at Feliweigi’s work in the Czech republic At the next blog posts we will be taking a look at reworked French highway interchanges and Austria, so make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to check out those blog posts

Revisiting Lille

Revisiting Lille was an already on going work by our mapper ArikTheBuilder, however when SCS has released update 1.38, they have introduced their vision to improving the city which I (Arik) view as nice, however, there were still some in-accuracies that were had to be changed, in order to have it done fast and notContinue reading “Revisiting Lille”


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